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Kadooğlu Website Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting our website. Please read the Terms and Conditions in this document carefully, as any use of this website means you accept the Terms and Conditions set out here.

The expressions “we”, “our” and “Kadooğlu” on this site are used by Kadooğlu Petrolcülük Taşımacılık Ticaret Sanayi İthalat ve İhracat A.Ş. and one of its affiliates depending on the context. “You” refers to the people who access and / or use this website.

This contract (hereinafter referred to as “Contract” for short) is an official contract between you and Kadooğlu Petrolcülük Taşımacılık Ticaret Sanayi İthalat ve İhracat A.Ş.

Kadooğlu Petrolcülük Taşımacılık Ticaret Sanayi İthalat ve İhracat A.Ş. contact address: Dünya Ticaret Merkezi A.Ş. A1 Blok Kat. 10 Bakirköy / İstanbul

Kadooğlu Petrolcülük Taşımacılık Ticaret Sanayi İthalat ve İhracat A.Ş. MERSIS: 0486015939500011

Attention: Website Terms of Use,

The Kadooğlu the Republic of Turkey, to date, address serving in the website (hereinafter abbreviated to “Site”) shall use only, and as noted below, to use any of the services offered through this Site, You accept that you are a user of the Site and that you are bound by the terms of use set out in this Agreement as long as you continue to benefit from the services offered on the Site and you undertake to comply with them.

The use of some of the services offered on the site may be regulated by some additional rules, and in such cases, you may be asked to declare that you accept the mentioned additional rules during your access to the use of the relevant services. Said additional rules will come into force as soon as you start using the relevant service and are an integral part of this Agreement. In addition, Kadooğlu Privacy Policy is an integral part of this Agreement, and it regulates the collection of your information that you share with Kadooğlu during your use of the Site and Kadooğlu’s rights on this information. For this reason, you should read this Privacy Policy before using the Site and using the services offered.


Kadooğlu reserves the right to make changes in the services it offers, to offer new services and / or to remove existing services, and this Agreement will remain valid for all added, changed and / or removed services.

This Agreement and the Privacy Policy, which is an integral part, can be changed at any time and with the unilateral will of Kadooğlu, with or without notice. In case of changes as specified, different updated texts of this Agreement and the integral part of the Privacy Policy will be published on the main page of the Site and the changes will take effect on the date of publication. After the changes are published, your continued use of the Site and the services offered will mean that you have accepted these changes and declared that you are connected with them. Confirm the last update date of the Agreement and the integral part of the Privacy Policy by looking at the end of the texts. In order to keep track of the updated dates, Kadooğlu will indicate the last amendment date of the Agreement and the Privacy Policy as an integral part. Therefore, in order to be informed about the up-to-date texts, you should regularly follow the Agreement and the Privacy Policy on the Site.


Site users and users who have shared their information with us in order to benefit from the services offered accept and undertake the following:

Password and Security: In order to benefit from some services on the site, you need to share your contact information and it is the users’ responsibility to ensure the confidentiality of your contact information and other information. It is especially important for your information security that you do not share your e-mail password with anyone, and that you set a strong password. Again, for this purpose, it is especially important that you log out after each use.

The following cannot be determined for the information to be shared with us on the Website:

Name, surname and other personal data for the purpose of replacing a third person,
A right belonging to anyone and / or information regarding that right,
Information, notes and postings that are illegal, illegitimate and / or disturb a third party and that discloses the personal data of such third parties without their consent and violates the personal data security of those concerned.

The user who owns the said sharing is responsible for any damages incurred by Kadooğlu and / or third parties as a result of sharing their personal data without the consent of third parties.

Users who use shared computers agree and undertake to close their e-mail user accounts that they can contact us after their use but before leaving the Site.

On the other hand, if you think the security of your e-mail account is at risk and / or you suspect that your login information such as your password or our correspondence with you are in the hands of third parties, you should immediately inform Kadooğlu of this situation.

Your notification of unauthorized access is not sufficient to require a measure by Kadooğlu, and all risks that may arise due to unauthorized use of your account are your responsibility. Site users acknowledge and undertake that Kadooğlu is not liable in any way for any damages that may arise as a result of their actions contrary to this article and / or the use of their personal data against their consent as a result of obtaining passwords or personal data of third parties.

Geographical Limitations: Site and the services offered within the Republic of Turkey was prepared for use in internal. Users accept and undertake that they will comply with this Agreement and all kinds of local, national and international laws and regulations. In case of prohibition, it is not possible to use the Site and benefit from the services. Users should not use the Site and services unless they are permitted to use the services in their legal systems.

Registered Information: All responsibility for the following matters belongs solely to the users:

Information and content submitted to the site by the user,
Information published, transmitted, sent and made accessible by the user during the use of the Services (hereinafter referred to as “Sent Information” for short).

Notification of Violations: In case of violation of this Agreement by all third parties, including registered users, you must inform Kadooğlu without delay.

Restriction of the Use of the Site and the Services: At Kadooğlu’s sole discretion, Kadooğlu may prohibit activities that it may consider unsuitable and / or constitute an illegal action or prohibited by applicable laws for this Website.

Users acknowledge and undertake that they will release Kadooğlu from any liability in the event that they carry out content and information transfer and activities on the following issues, including but not limited to the following, and that Kadooğlu has no responsibility for these activities:

Personal data belonging to third parties and used without permission,
Access to the Site through services / programs that contain viruses, time bombs, Trojan horses, cancelbots (programs or bots that run on an internet server and automatically send unwanted messages to groups on the internet), worms and other harmful or corrupt codes, components or devices will not be provided,
Information and content that uses scripts, bots or other automated technologies to access the site and services,
Information and content using the site and its services to send chain mail, unnecessary and anonymous mails,
Links using activities such as spam, spim (SPAM type used in IM services), phising, trolling (trying to attract users to a site on the internet),
Confidentiality obligation to confidentiality (regardless of whether it is protected as a trade secret) or third parties’ copyrighted content, trademarks that violate and include, but are not limited to, copyright and trademark rights, trade secrets, patents or other intellectual property rights without their proper consent information and content that uses or disseminates in violation,
Spreading or transmitting any worm, virus or other harmful, destructive or destructive code or programs,
Information and content that violates the legal legislation, whether deliberately or not deliberately (this legal legislation covers the law applicable to this Agreement, the legal order of the users’ service provider and computer, and the law of the place where the personal data are shared),
Impersonate Internet Protocol (IP) headers to hide their own credentials or otherwise use them to modify cookies,
Information and content submitted to Kadooğlu as misleading, fake and incomplete, including job application,

  • Information and content that obstructs or disrupts the Site, services, service providers and internet networks to which the Site is connected, or is contrary to any requirements, contracts and regulations of the internet networks to which the Site is connected,
    Content that collects and accumulates information about other users,
    Information and content that participates in any activity that violates the private lives of third parties, including, but not limited to, collecting and distributing information of other internet users, except where permitted by applicable law,
    Installing or broadcasting software that contains viruses or any computer code, file or any program that restricts the blocking, destroying or functioning of any computer’s software, hardware or communication tool on Kadooğlu servers or network,
    To use this Website to insult and slander Kadooğlu, its employees or other persons, or to take any other action that will tarnish Kadooğlu’s reputation,
    Posting to this Website any unauthorized material, including but not limited to the above, that in our opinion causes inconvenience or damage or that violates the system or network security of Kadooğlu or a third party, is defamatory, obscene, threatening, pornographic or in any way illegal, or transmitting.

    Compensation for any damages that may occur due to the violation of this article is the responsibility of the user, and the damages incurred by Kadooğlu, business partners or managers, managers, employees and other persons will be fully and completely compensated. This liability of the users is absolute.

    False Information Prohibition: Users agree and undertake not to provide Kadooğlu with false, misleading or false information. If the information transferred to Kadooğlu later becomes false, misleading or untrue, the change will be immediately reported to Kadooğlu.

    A Single Profile in Compliance with the Rules of Integrity: Users who want to benefit from the services offered on the site can make a single application simultaneously. Different applications cannot be made in a way that is false and misleading.

    Prohibition of Harassing Kadooğlu Employees and Representatives: Users acknowledge and undertake that they will not harass Kadooğlu’s employees and representatives assigned for the services provided, and not engage in disturbing, intimidating and threatening behavior.

Legal and Legitimate Disclosure: Users accept and declare that the information they transfer can be disclosed unilaterally and without permission by Kadooğlu in the following cases, if required by the applicable legislation:

To comply with the law, to fulfill the requirements for the implementation of laws and legal procedures;
To protect the rights and property of Kadooğlu or third parties;
To ensure the health and / or safety of any person (including users) when threatened with harm or violence;
In case there are processing conditions listed in the 2nd paragraph of Article 5 and paragraph 3 of Article 6 of the Personal Data Protection Law.

Exemption from Warranty: Although we make all reasonable efforts to ensure that all the information on this Website is correct and complete, we cannot be held responsible for the inaccuracy or completeness of the information on this Website. The responsibility arising out of your reliance on the material on this Website belongs to you. You accept that you are responsible for following any changes made in the material and the information on this Website. This section will find the widest scope of application permitted by the applicable legislation. Kadooğlu provides the services on an “as is” and “applicability” basis and does not provide any warranties, whether implied or explicit, contractually or otherwise, regarding the commercial or individual use of the services and the site (including the information contained therein) and against violations. Since Kadooğlu does not provide any guarantees regarding connection or access to the services, it is not under any liability.

In addition, any ideas, proposals, statements and other information or content that are not directly provided by Kadooğlu but accessible through the services belong to the publisher and cannot be claimed against Kadooğlu. Those who publish this content and information have full responsibility for them.

Kadooğlu and its contracted parties can use various methods to verify information provided by users. However, none of these methods are perfect and users acknowledge and agree that Kadooğlu and its contracted parties are not responsible for the detection of the inaccuracy of the information provided.

Trial Functions: From time to time, Kadooğlu may test the users’ experience of benefiting from the services with new beta versions and functions. These versions and functions are only for the purpose of improving the experience and are not promised in any way and can be changed and removed at any time by the unilateral will of Kadooğlu. The provisions of this section of this Agreement titled “Warranty Exemption” are also valid for the trial versions and functions in question.

Liability for Actions Not Belonging to Kadooğlu: Within the broadest limits stipulated by the applicable legislation, Kadooğlu is not liable for any direct or indirect, general, special, recurring and compensatory damages arising from users and / or other persons benefiting from the services under any circumstances. Liability that may arise due to objections, losses and damages arising from the behavior of users who have registered with false statements and / or intended to manipulate or harm other users are also subject to this provision.

Transfer: Any non-personal correspondence or data, questions, comments, suggestions, etc. that you transmit to this Website by e-mail or other means will be deemed confidential and non-proprietary.

Anything you transmit or publish becomes the property of Kadooğlu and can be used for any purpose, including but not limited to reproduction, disclosure, transmission, publication, publication and posting. In addition, Kadooğlu is free to use any idea, graphic art work, invention, development, suggestion or concept (including without limitation product development, production, advertising and marketing) for any purpose in any correspondence you send to this Website. Such usage information does not give the party that submitted it any right to compensation. By submitting the information, you warrant that you are the owner of the material / content you submit, that they are not libelous and that their use by Kadooğlu will not violate the rights of any third party or expose you to violation of applicable laws. It is not obliged to use the information sent to Kadooğlu.

Intellectual Property Rights: All copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights of any text, image and other material on this Website are owned by Kadooğlu or included in the site with the permission of the relevant owner.

You may browse this Website and reproduce quotations for printing or downloading to a hard disk or for transmission to other parties. This can only be done on the condition that you do not violate any copyright or patent notices and that the following trademark appears on such reproductions. Nothing reproduced from this Website can be sold or distributed for commercial gain, changed or included in any other work, publication or website.

®Kadooğlu is a registered trademark. All Rights Reserved.

Trademarks, logos, characters and service marks (collectively “Trademarks”) displayed on this Website belong to Kadooğlu. Nothing on this Website can be construed as granting any license or right to use any Trademark displayed on the site. It is strictly forbidden to use and in any case abuse the Trademarks or any other content displayed on this Website, except in the cases specified in these Terms and Conditions. In addition, it is clearly declared here that Kadooğlu will protect its intellectual property rights, legally and criminally, to the extent permitted by law, and will take all legally possible and valid measures to protect it.

Prohibition of Use of Confidential Information: Users;

Personal Data of third parties,
Confidential Information,
Other copyrighted content, trademark, proprietary information that can be obtained through services,

They agree and undertake not to publish, copy, transmit, disclose, disclose, publicize, make or disseminate any derivative works from them, use them for commercial purposes and / or make copies of them, without the prior consent of Kadooğlu or the owner of this information.

Links to Other Internet Sites: Links to third parties, such as advertisers, that are not owned by Kadooğlu may have been given on the Site, and in this case, Kadooğlu may have provided the content of these other websites, the accuracy of the information or the accuracy of the information provided by Kadooğlu. does not take any responsibility for its function. The links are provided in good faith and Kadooğlu cannot be held responsible for any changes made to other websites to which we link. Linking to other websites does not mean that these sites are supported by Kadooğlu. Your participation in advertisements linked on our site or in sweepstakes or promotions organized by the sponsors, your personal or commercial relationships with these sites (here, including the delivery and payment of goods and services, any personal information you voluntarily provide to these advertisers and sponsors, any rules you have committed to them. , terms and contractual statements) are your sole responsibility. Users acknowledge and undertake that the damages and grievances that may arise due to your relations with such relations, information sharing with advertisers and sponsor companies, and linking to these people on our service pages are not under Kadooğlu’s responsibility. We recommend that you be aware of the legal and privacy statements of all other websites you visit and read them carefully.

Warranties and Disclaimer: You can use this Website at your own risk. This Website is provided to you on an “As Is” and “As Available” basis. Therefore, Kadooğlu states that the material on this Website is complete, accurate, reliable, up-to-date and does not violate the rights of third parties; Access to this Website will be uninterrupted or error-free; does not give any express, implied, legal or (including implied warranties of commercial use or satisfactory properties and fit for a particular purpose) that this Website will be secure, and any representation or warranty in this sense is hereby rejected.

Please note that certain jurisdictions may not accept the exclusion of implied warranties, so this exception may not apply to you. Please check local laws. In these cases, our limitation of liability to the maximum extent permitted by local legislation will apply.

Obligations: Kadooğlu and / or any other party working in the creation, production or distribution of this Website on our behalf are does not accept any liability or responsibility for any direct, incidental, consequential or punitive damages, costs, losses or compensation arising from any other website you access via a link or anything we do or do not do as a result of electronic mail messages you send to us.

In addition, Kadooğlu is not responsible in any way for any loss that may occur due to viruses that may infect your computer hardware or any other property due to accessing, using or downloading any content on this Website. If you decide to download any material from this Website, you are responsible for it.

You expressly waive all your rights that may arise from using or accessing this Website to the extent permitted by the applicable law.

Kadooğlu reserves the right to restrict, suspend or terminate your access to this Website or any feature of the Site or any related feature or part of it at any time without notice.

Kadooğlu and / or any party working in the creation, production or distribution of this Website has no responsibility to maintain the materials and services provided on this Website or to issue any corrections, updates or versions in connection with them. Any material provided on this Website is subject to change without prior notice.

Jurisdiction and Valid Law: Kadooğlu does not make a declaration that the materials and information on this Website are appropriate or available in all national laws or languages.

You and Kadooğlu agree that any dispute or action arising from or related to the use of this Website is subject to Turkish law.

Communication and Confidentiality: In order to inform users of changes or special offers in the services and to communicate about the services, Kadooğlu may reach users via telephone or send e-mails to the e-mail addresses provided by the users, if informed consent. If the users do not want to be contacted by this way via e-mail or telephone or any commercial communication channel notified with their consent, they can change their preferences in the manner specified in the Privacy Policy.

Enforcement and Termination of the Agreement: This Agreement will automatically come into effect when users use the Site or services and will remain in effect as long as our use is not terminated. Kadooğlu reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate the access of its users to the services for any reason or without giving any notice. In addition, Kadooğlu reserves the right to remove the account information or data of its users from services and any archives with its unilateral will.

Cancellation of Applications at Any Time: Users can request or terminate their records and / or sharing of any service such as job application, proposal request or opinion statement, and the information they provide in this process to be revised at any time. Users can contact us for these requests via e-mail address.

In order to fulfill your request, our IT Department employees may ask you to verify your identity information and other details, including your personally identifiable information, before taking any action on your request.

Severability: In the event that some of the regulations of this Agreement are deemed invalid by the competent authorities, the users agree and undertake that the said invalid regulation will be replaced by regulations that best suit the will of the party and allow the least possible disposal of the party liability and will not prejudice the validity of the remainder of this Agreement.

Contract Integrity: This Contract is the main contract between the users and Kadooglu that regulates the use of the Site and the services, and it has replaced other contracts previously drawn up and concluded for the same purpose.

Prohibition of Cooperation: Users accept and declare that they do not establish any cooperation, partnership, business relationship or agency between Kadooğlu due to this Agreement and the use of the Site and services.

Continuity: Unless otherwise expressly stated, termination of access to services by users will be carried out within the framework of the provisions of this Agreement.

Prohibition of Waiver: Kadooğlu’s failure to use the rights and powers granted to him by this Agreement does not mean that he has waived his rights and powers.

Margins: The margins of this Agreement are written only to indicate the Contract content and have no contractual or legal effect.

Force Majeure: Kadooğlu, due to circumstances beyond its control and, including but not limited to force majeure, government savings (including cancellation or denial of any necessary license), war, riot or destruction of network tools, providers and other reasons, has the right to terminate or suspend the services provided by it and is not responsible for any damages that occur for this reason.

Updated Date.

This Agreement has been updated on 12 August 2020.