Kadooğlu Holding Continues To Contribute To The Country's Economy

Kadooğlu Holding, which attracts attention with its high added value to the country’s economy, employment, and exports, as well as its rapid and successful rise in the field of fuel with the Kadoil brand, makes its name frequently mentioned by the data published by many economics magazines.

While the rise of brands within Kadooğlu Holding in the rankings among Turkey’s largest 500 companies published by Capital and Fortune magazines drew attention, Celal Kadooğlu, Vice Chairman of the Board of Management of Kadooğlu Holding, states that they will continue to create new jobs by increasing production and successfully represent Turkey in the world market in products related to their industry. Kadooğlu said in his statement that ”Our companies within Kadooğlu Holding has continued to rise according to data released by Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) and Top 500 list made by the most important economy magazines of our country, Capital and Fortune. Our institutions, which have supported the improvement and development of our country despite the global economic problems and will keep supporting in the future, will continue to develop and produce high value-added products while continuing their investments in modern technology. We hope that we are progressing successfully in line with our targets set in the seven months of 2019 and that we will surpass the targets of the end of 2019 ”.

Contribution to the economy of the country and citizens 

Companies operating in many different fields from fuel to food, from construction to export within the body of Kadooğlu Holding contribute to the economy of the country and provide support to their customers by making significant discounts especially in the field of fuel to contribute to the economy of the citizen. In the fuel discount campaign, which was implemented in Gaziantep for the first time, Kadoil won the great appreciation of Gaziantep residents with discounts of up to 7% on gasoline and diesel and 17% on LPG.