Great success from Kadooğlu Holding!

Kadoil, which operates within the body of Kadooğlu Holding, has succeeded in taking place in the top ranks in the country’s largest 500 companies list this year prepared by two of Turkey’s reputable economic magazines, Fortune and Capital traditionally every year.

The results of the research carried out by Capital and Fortune Magazines to determine Turkey’s largest private sector companies have announced one after another. Kadoil, one of the star brands of Kadooğlu Holding, was ranked 129th in the Fortune 500 and 161th in the Capital 500, according to the researches based on the turnover of the companies in 2019.

While Kadoil with approximately 600 dealers in Turkey, serves with its brand, Kadogaz, in the LPG autogas sector, it meets its consumers in station markets with the Kadoil Oil Master in mineral oils.

Celal Kadooğlu, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kadooğlu Holding, stated that they are making an effort to contribute more to the country’s economy and said ”For Turkey to be stronger in every sense, the peace and well-being of our people must increase, so more investment and employment are required. With this awareness, we will continue to work with all our strength and create employment for Turkey. Many companies were adversely affected by the pandemic and had to update their 2020 targets. Our biggest goal in this period will be to safely remove Kadoil from the crisis environment. Unlike many companies that hit the brakes in times of crisis, we will continue to invest. With the power of Kadooğlu Holding, we do not stop, we are taking advantage of the opportunities brought by the crisis. We do business with the awareness of being a company that cares about social solidarity. In such difficult times, important duties fall on every organization and manager. With this understanding, we continued and increased our support to our business partners and stakeholders during the pandemic period.”
Celal Kadooğlu, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kadooğlu Holding emphasizes that Kadoil, one of the leading brands of the fuel industry in Turkey, is preferred more by consumers every day and continued as follows: “As Kadooğlu Holding, we operate in many different fields from fuel to autogas, from food to construction, from domestic and foreign trade to station operations. Like Kadoil, our other companies within our holding company exceed their targets every year; and contribute to the development of our country by transforming its earnings into sustainable employment, value-added production, and exports. Although we have a difficult process due to the pandemic that affected the world in 2020, we are working with all our strength to reach our year-end targets. As a country, we have managed to overcome many things. I believe that we will overcome this struggle together as a society. “