Dubai Gulfood 2022’s Shining Star Kadooğlu Oil

Stand belonging to Kadooğlu Oil as the most sought brand of Turkey in the international market, participating in Dubai Gulfood 2022, one of the world’s major food tradeshows, was over-flooded by guests during the course of the tradeshow. Kadooğlu Oil CEO Celal Kadooğlu, stating that the tradeshow returned to its previous times, added “The tradeshow which was stagnant in the past two years, was almost in-rushed by visitors arriving from all around the world. Interest in our company was quite satisfactory’.

Stand of Kadooğlu Oil participating in Dubai's Gulfood 2022 successfully took its position in the stands hosting most visitors throughout the duration of the tradeshow. Kadooğlu Oil’s CEO Celal Kadooğlu expressing that the interest in such tradeshow realized between the dates February 13th-17th experienced a major increase compared to the statistics of the past two years, further pointed out “We are pleased to represent our country as well as our products at Dubai Gulfood 2022. Dubai is of particular essence for African, EU as well as American countries further to the Middle East. It is indeed a great honor for us to represent our country as a participant in a tradeshow where almost the entire globe comes together. We, in turn, have succeeded in promoting our new brands and product quality once again in this tradeshow. While the number of countries we are exporting to is ever increasing from day to day, the oil brands under our umbrella are exhibiting substantial advances in becoming global brands. Taking position amongst the brands sought for by dining tables worldwide is actually a result of successful operations conducted by a big team working in unity and cooperation. In 2022, we shall likewise be ongoing with our investment as a business enterprise.”


Kadoo, Bizce, Brinto, Mayra, Azime and Elianto Attracted Intensive Attraction


While assessing, Kadooğlu said “Gulfood realized every year at Dubai is of particular essence for the food sector. As Kadooğlu Oil, we are realizing exports to more than 60 countries. At the tradeshow, we also had the chance of introducing and promoting further to Kadooğlu Oil, our brands Bizce, Brinto, Mayra, Azime, each globally recognized brands, as well as our new brand Kadoo. Receiving face-to-face feedbacks results in attaining an unbelievable experience. This year at Dubai, while having opportunity to hold discussions with our customers particularly from the Middle East and African countries about both our products and our sector, we also stepped ahead for critical collaborations as well.”