Food Products
Kadooğlu Oil

Kadooğlu Yağ is exporting to more than 55 countries under its brands Bizce, Mayra, Brinto and Azime, meeting with its consumers throughout Turkey via its 5 regional directorates.

Kadooğlu Yağ under Kadooğlu Holding has been incorporated at Gaziantep in 2007 with a production capacity of 550 tons/day in the refinery unit and 1.000 tons/day in the filling unit. Increasing its production capacity from one day to the next, the company increased its capacity of 600 tons/day in 2014 to 650 tons/day in 2017. Sunflower oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil and olive oil productions manufactures by a powerful and dynamic team,  are exported  to  more  than  75  countries  under  its  brands  Bizce,  Mayra,  Brinto  and  Azime. At the same time, thanks to its 5 Regional Directorates and widespread distribution network, it is accessing its customers all around Turkey.

In all of the primary surveys of the sectors, Kadooğlu Yağ holding leading positions at all times in the first 20 of the export sector for food products as well. Kadooğlu Yağ is further titled as being one of the largest vegetable oil plants in the Middle East.