Karakurt Production

Kadooğlu Energy under Kadooğlu Holding has been established with the principle of serving interests of the public by means of producing clean energy both contributing to the national economy and being sensitive to the environment.

In the coming periods, Kadooğlu Energy shall be persisting with the target of growing and enhancing its presence in the energy sector by making substantial investments in the fields of HES (Hydroelectric Power Plants), wind energy and solar energy.

Kadooğlu  Energy  under  Kadooğlu Holding  has  been  established  with  the  principle  of  serving  interests  of  the  public by  means  of  producing  clean  energy  both  contributing  to the  national  economy  and  being  sensitive  to  the environment.

The Holding has to facilities in parallel to the investments towards environment friendly and renewable energy, namely KALE Hydroelectric Power Plant and Akın Solar Energy. KALE

Hydroelectric Power Plant has an installed capacity of 17,10MWe, with an annual power generation capacity of 50.000.000 kWh.

Kadooğlu Energy realizing substantial investments in the fields of Wind and Solar energy, is engaged under the title Akın Solar Energy at Konya Province, Kadınhanı County, Kolukısa site over a total area of 143.900 M2 possesses an installed power of 8 MW.