Board of Directors Chairman
Kadooğlu Holding

Kadooğlu Holding is a major asset created from dreams by lives dedicated to their people and home country. It was germinated in the soil watered with great efforts and now giving a multitude of fruits on its branches extending out to the future…

Our dreams starting to germinate in 1977 over the soils of Cizre have been converted in the passing years into a pleasant reality thanks to our faith in this land, our determination as well as resolve and self-sacrifice of our employees. In our odyssey of over 40 years, we had at times joyful and at other times distressed days. However, even at the most troublesome occasions we were never at despair and continued to exhibit a proud and honorable combat without compromising from our value in the pathway of our beliefs. We were at all times beside the righteous and legitimate.  What has brought us to our present position, making Kadooğlu Holding one of the assets representing the future of Turkey, derived particularly from our attitude in hard times. Without despair, we further closed our ranks and continued to take energy from one another.

At the very foundations of Kadooğlu Holding, there exists the search for perpetual development and being better towards sustainable and consistent growth. That is why we are in need of extending our horizons and setting forth new targets. Today, Kadooğlu Holding echoing beyond the boundaries of our country has proceeded further from being a family owned enterprise, becoming an institution providing substantial added value to the national economy, adding major contributions thereto. Kadooğlu Holding employees who have played the primary role in achieving this success are members of one large family and each is yearning to transfer our values and targets to the coming generations. Trust is the leading revenue in business life. Whereas attaining trust of people requires neglecting business-related concerns and establishing long-term relationships. Money is gained, lost and re-gained. However, if you once lose the trust confided in your name, it is not ever possible to re-culminate the same. My humble advice to all employees of Kadooğlu Holding and to the young generation is to target gaining confidence rather than money without faltering from righteousness and honesty, focusing of the objectives. If you cling to your work with heart and soul, make any necessary sacrifices and work arduously, the success so deserved would to coming for sure. We have never mislead from our targets in this long trip we took by confiding in the affluence of our home country as well as the resolve and industriousness of our people. While stepping ahead together with our values, employees, stakeholders, customers and fellows bringing altogether Kadooğlu Holding to the present day, we shall be continuing to trust and serve our people, our country and the world we are living on.