Kadooğlu Holding Background History
Kadooğlu Holding

When Hacı Fettah Hacıoğlu, Municipal Police Officer at Cizre Municipality gave his 16 years old son Cemal Kadooğlu his pension bonus, he had also given a substantial chance for converting his dreams into reality.

Cemal Kadooğlu who thus became involved with trade at a very young age, had already started in 1977 to take to and sell at the neighboring Iraq, diverse goods ranging from sesame to toys, from macaroni to legumes. Cemal Kadooğlu, in short notice undertook the coal business of Cizre, loaded with his own hands and distributed coal for many years. They worked hand-in-hand with his brothers and nephews to grow and expand their family business and in 1992 upon getting hold of the coal business of Gaziantep region, a new era started for Kadooğlu family. Cemal Kadooğlu, preparing the company for the future and targeting competition in the league of giants, in 1996 brought to the management of Kadooğlu his young and innovative son Tarkan Kadooğlu who had already worked at every level of the organization. In this period, the company made some very substantial investments under the strategy of rapid growth and started to open up positions in different sectors.

Kadooğlu Otelcilik Turizm İnşaat ve Ticaret A.Ş. entered the tourism sector with a single hotel in Cizre. In year 2000, the Company achieved major success in the construction business by building shopping centers, hospitals, collective housing complexes, luxury residence sites as well as oil stations. Kadooğlu Petrolcülük Taşımacılık Ticaret Sanayi İthalat ve İhracat AŞ; both brought forth a new breadth to the fuel sector and re-dertermined the relevant standards, also becoming in short notice the locomotive of Kadooğlu Group Companies. In 2006, upon receiving fuel distribution company license, ‘Kadoil’ brand was made an asset of Turkey. Kadoil, continuously growing in the meantime and thanks to its distribution network reaching dealers in excess of 550 overall Turkey, has reinforced its position in the first ‘9’ amongst 100 distribution companies.


Upon proceeding over to vegetable oil manufacturing, by means of producing the brands Bizce, Mutfakların Şefi, Brinto, Azime, Mayra and Elianto under Kadooğlu Yağ (Oil), one of the largest vegetable oil factories in the Middle East was established at Gaziantep. Ever increasing its competitive power from one year to the next, Kadooğlu Yağ increased its capacity of 600 tons/day in 2014 to 650 tons/dsay in 2017. Today, Kadooğlu Yağ always at the leading positions of the sector in the surveys carried out currently, is amongst the first 20 in the export of the food industry. Kadooğlu Yağ brands are currently being exported to over 50 countries.

Kadooğlu Holding, opening to service at Mersin Kadooğlu Mediterranean Filling Facilities of capacity 141 thousand cubic meters over an area of 70 thousand square meters, initiated in 2010 Turkey’s largest off-shore sea platform at Mersin.


Shaping its operations in parallel to the requirements of Turkey, Kadooğlu Holding started up Kadooğlu Energy in order to provide contribution to energy requirement as one of the leading problems of our country. The Holding has to facilities in parallel to the investments towards environment friendly and renewable energy, namely KALE Hydroelectric Power Plant and Akın Solar Energy. KALE Hydroelectric Power Plant has an installed capacity of 17,10MWe, with an annual power generation capacity of 50.000.000 kWh, where

as Akın Solar Energy has an installed power of 8 MW over an area of 143.900 M2 at Konya Province.

Kadooğlu starting its growth with laying the first brick late 70’s, following its odyssey commenced as a family enterprise, decided in year 2014 to bring together all of its companies under the same conglomerate and continue with its operations as Kadooğlu Holding.

Kadooğlu Holding is a major industrial enterprise employing under its affiliated companies 1.350 direct and 7.000 indirect employees, having business relations with more than 55 countries worldwide, providing substantial contribution to Turkey’s industry sass well as promotion overseas.

Kadooğlu Holding and its powerful values shall be persistently ongoing with its investments to perpetual improvement, development, to men, to the soils we are living on and its future thanks to its capability of seeing more clearly the requirements of our country and the world we are living on.